Post Partum Care

Post Partum Care

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Postpartum Care

Congratulations! Your journey into parenthood has now begun! Motherhood will change, challenge, reward and amaze you. It will also become the greatest accomplishment of your entire life.
Post childbirth in Chinese tradition women are recommended to be as gentle on themselves as in the first trimester.

The postpartum period can be one of the most vulnerable times of a woman’s life-there are not only rapid hormonal changes, recovery from labour as well as looking after a brand new baby.  It is an extremely busy time as a new mother, learning to adjust to new life, adjusting to less sleep and learning how to decipher a babies needs.

With the new demands in life it is important that women nourish themselves, allow their body to recover and keep their energy up so they are able to provide the best care and nourishment  for their new baby.

Tips for new mothers:

As a new mother it is important to learn how to trust your instincts and focus on what works for both you and your baby. At first, try to do nothing but sleep, relax and breastfeed. It is very important to try and sleep when your baby is sleeping as many babies (especially in the first 3 weeks) are awake at night and asleep in the day. 

Remember your body has been through major changes so don’t exert yourself or try anything too strenuous. Instead be gentle and kind on yourself and your body- just as careful as you were in your first trimester. Relax into the new chapter and do your best to enjoy your newborn at every stage as they are forever changing and growing! 

In many asian culture’s, there is a tradition where women stay home for one month after giving birth. During this time women are encouraged to stay warm, avoid cold foods and not physically exert themselves. This period of time is so the mother purely focused on nursing their newborn and regaining their strength and vitality.