Segolene Prats

Gold Coast Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner 


Segolene is an acupuncturist which passion for this medicine began eight years ago when she experienced the benefits after suffering from chronic pain for a several decades. Acupuncture transformed those sleepless nights into peaceful rest. 


Being a Mum of three, she understands how difficult and sometimes complicated looking after your own health can be. What Eastern Medicine offers is a philosophy that empowers us, it teaches us to listen to emotions, to pay attention to the changes in our body and cultivates our mind. Segolene is dedicated to help others find energy and balance to live their busy life fully.


The body has this amazing ability to heal, always seeking for the perfect balance; acupuncture acts as a guide to help bring the body back to homeostasis. Segolene is  passionate about assisting others find the keys to unlock their fullest potential through reconnection with their body and mind.

Segolene can relate to her clients catering to each individual’s needs. Segolene may assist in helping with:

  • Mental Health

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Stroke recovery

  • Neurological conditions

  • Women’s health

  • Post natal recovery 


Segolene works out of our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic. She is currently seeing new patients. If you are interested in booking an appointment with Segolene, please email our schedule coordinator for Acupuncture Gold Coast:


Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine)


Australia’s Health Practitioner Regulation Agency / Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association



Segolene has special a interest in mental health, anxiety and depression, stroke recovery, neurological conditions, women’s health and postnatal recovery.