What is the secret to falling pregnant!?

‘What is the secret to falling pregnant?’ ‘What is the biggest contributor to infertility?’

Unfortunately there isn’t just one answer for all, I believe everyone’s fertility journey is different and we all have to work it out for ourselves. It may be lessons we need to learn before we are able to become a parent. There is also the physiological hurdles we have to overcome, however with a combination of Western and Eastern medicine many of these conditions can now be treated.

I had difficulty falling pregnant, my fertility journey was almost three years until I conceived my son. I found out I had polycystic ovaries after trying to fall pregnant for over a year. I had acupuncture regularly along with seeing a naturopath and taking herbs I began ovulating again, however I still wasn’t falling pregnant!

One of the biggest contributing factors for me was stress! At the time I didn’t realize I was stressed, I was just very busy. Sound familiar?? I was studying acupuncture, working full time, newly married and trying to fit in a social life. I barely had enough hours in the day, let alone time for a baby. I finally realised this busyness was actually stressful for my body and effecting my fertility. I kept wanting to know ‘what else could I do to help me conceive?’ when the real answer was ‘What could I stop doing!’. I was so disconnected to my body and self I had to make some big changes, I had start to take time out for me.

If you have been trying for a period of time to conceive, feel as though you are doing everything you can, learning how to de stress, slow down and calm down is a wonderful step forward. Acupuncture works amazingly at down regulating the nervous system to re ground and balance our body and our busy mind. Call our clinic to speak to our friendly team about booking in an appointment so we can support you on your journey to becoming parents and stay tuned on our blog for more of my fertility journey and how I can help you.

Written by: Brodie Mitchell, Acupuncturist at Life Synergy.

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