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Sandi Louise Ross

What I do in a nutshell…I help educate people about how to allow their body to heal, achieve wellness, and live a happy and purpose filled life.

My personality in three words is… Wanderlust, Fearless and Heart-Filled

Wellness to me means…Finding the right balance, being in tune with our bodies and practicing happiness

One thing people can do today to improve their wellbeing… Smile.

The best advice you have ever received is… Be present

The last thing I ate…Sautéed baby spinach, zucchini, avocado with chia seeds, drizzled in olive oil, and lemon and pink salt.

My favourite sound is… The ocean

One book that opened my mind is… The Tao of Pooh.

My favourite quote…The doctor of the future will give no medicine, rather she will interest her patients in the care of the human frame through lifestyle and nutrition, and in the cause and prevention of disease”- Thomason Jefferson

I start my day with…Cuddling my daughter and then warm water and lemon.

What is your favourite Life Synergy service that you think everyone should try and why? Acupuncture: As its one of the fastest way to relax the body and start the bodies own innate healing process.

What Life Synergy service is great for promoting wellbeing during winter? An individualised herbal mix can help to boost the immunity and protect against catching common pathogens in the air. Good old Zinc and Vitamin C, in a high, well absorbable dose is also great for reducing the onset and frequently of winter colds .

sandi ross


My website: www.urbannaturopathicliving.com                               Instagram: @sandilouiseross Facebook: Sandi Louise Ross – Naturopath

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