The big bad truth about conception!

Updated: Feb 28

The last thing you want to hear when trying to fall pregnant ‘Just relax and stop thinking about it!’

I found this was the most common statement said to me whilst trying to conceive and the worst! It made me so angry, I used to think ‘you have no idea what I’m going through’ and I certainly couldn’t just stop thinking about it, I was obsessed with it. I wanted a baby and I wanted it yesterday! I’m sure some of you could relate to this…

The big bad truth was I actually had to try and do this, I had to try and let go of it and have a bit of faith in my body and the process. This was not an easy feat and I believe it isn’t for a lot of women or we obviously would just ‘relax and stop thinking about it’. It took a lot of work for me to get myself into this headspace and once I did, sure enough we fell pregnant.

I was so strict on diet and lifestyle choices, anything that could affect my fertility I gave up, I didn’t make future plans just in case I could be pregnant then. I think some of the decisions I made with my health were great and I’m sure they helped however I had to let go of the emotional attachment I had to them, the obsessiveness.

Patience, taking time for me, learning to say no and not feel bad and to most of all relax were major lessons I had to learn. I had regular acupuncture where I was able to talk comfortably about my struggles and emotions in a safe environment as well as switch off that ‘fight or flight’ state that I was constantly in. I also began a regular yoga and meditation practice that just took me to a next level of understanding myself and enabled me to connect to my body. My husband also ended up doing yoga with me and our connection hit a next level. I believe whilst going through this fertility journey together we needed this strong connection and understanding to bring us to our next stage of our relationship as parents. And most of all I begun to enjoy myself again and have fun.

Written by Brodie Mitchell, Acupuncturist at Life Synergy.

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