I think I think too much: An insight into over thinking.


At our clinic, in our initial questionnaire we have a question box for “over thinking” that generally  most people tick and when asked clients will always admit YES I overthink.

We can all recall as a child being told to “think about what we have done” or “think before you do.”

From an early age our minds have been conditioned and engrained to overthink and allow our minds to spiral and sometimes become consumed by thoughts. Unfortunately if these seeds were watered in our childhood, by the time we are adults this habit is engrained and affecting our health.

Have you ever been worried about what other people think? Worried about worry!

For many, this “worrying about the worry” becomes a frustration as it has of no benefit to us at all and only consumes our minds.

The area of the brain responsible for thinking/overthinking is called the Basal Ganglion. When the brain is overwhelmed, stressed or not coping it leads to a short circuit of this area and thinking patterns become more of an obsession or need. This unfortunately creates an imbalance of normal functioning, particularly in the creation goals and habits. The nature of this obsession is closely linked to addictions and compulsions.

In our clinic, we have recognised the importance for people to switch off their thoughts as these thoughts will feed their hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis or HPA-Axis. This then causes them to become overloaded leading to one feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed on a daily basis. Furthermore there are generally a myriad of other potential problems that can spiral including insomnia, poor digestion, cellular deficiency, headaches etc.

The solution is simple!

Begin re-connecting to our environment using the natural abilities our human body provides: sense, smell, sight, hearing, taste and feeling. This is best described as body awareness or more commonly known as mindfulness. Using mindfulness to reconnect back to ourselves and the present moment we are able to overcome our overthinking worrying minds. Becoming self aware of our thoughts and learning to be mindful not to water and feed our overthinking mind- we are able to dwell in the present moment with our minds at peace.

We are here to help you.

Article by Life Synergy practitioner, Jonathan Yang.

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