Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines – Condition, Trigger, Remedy

What if there was a way to eradicate headaches and migraines or drastically reduce their frequency?

After seeing a lot of headaches, tension, insomnia, stiff neck, back, and shoulder pain in our clinic, I have noticed one common occurrence in patients with these signs and symptoms. Most migraine patients will complain of tightness in their trapezius leading into the neck, and for good reason it seems.

Much like a turtle, who pulls its head in to protect its neck in a fight or flight situation, a human will do the same to protect the vital regions of the cervical spine in a situation of stress. Over time, the muscles around the cervical spine build up and create tension, inflammation and stagnation at the base of the neck and head (sub occipital region).

If there is pronounced tension in these regions, it would make sense that the communication between the head and the rest of the body are somewhat stifled. This is due to the muscles being so wound up and tight. Often following this strain, is the feeling as though there were a pressure cooker in the head, as if the heat (which rises in nature), has no where to escape. This often means that patients will have cold hands and/or feet due to the heat being concentrated and drawn to the upper portion of the body. There are certain environmental and dietary factors that can come into the field of play with headaches and migraines, such as: limiting screen time and reducing WiFi exposure, as well as reducing caffeine, sugar and stress intake.

The combination of gentle acupuncture point combinations, cupping, massage and moxibustion can be extremely effective at remedying tension, headaches and migraines.

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Written by Jesse Bailey – Acupuncturist at Life Synergy

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