Could your face reveal what is going on inside your body? The art of Chinese face reading


For thousands of years practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have used observation techniques, with specific focus on the face to identify and diagnose a multitude of internal imbalances experienced by their patients. The sensitivity and delicate nature of the face allows it to reflect internal changes rapidly. The face is mapped out and then sections are assigned to a particular internal organ. This then enables us to more easily discover the root cause and pin point why you may be experiencing those nasty breakouts!

Upper Forehead:

= Digestive system and Bladder

Increasing your water intake is essential to combat break outs or skin irritations in this area. Avoiding sugar and processed foods and focusing on including high antioxidant foods such as berries, matcha green tea and vegetables are of great benefit.

Between the eyebrows:

= Liver

Pimples, oiliness, redness or dry skin between your eyebrows is related back to your Liver. These symptoms indicate your Liver may be feeling a little overworked and that it may need a little TLC or detoxification. A glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to get your system kick started, increase your intake of leafy greens and reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Upper Cheeks:

= Lungs and respiratory system

If you are experiencing break outs in this area, it may be a sign you aren’t breathing properly – or your lungs may be under stress. Flare up of skin issues may be related to Asthma, allergies, lung infections or exposure to polluted areas.

Lower Cheeks:

= Gum or teeth problems

Acne in this area my be a result of issues with your teeth and gums! Avoiding refined sugar and introducing Oil pulling into your daily routine is an effective way to combat teeth and gum problems. Coconut oil is our favourite!

Side of the Chin:

= Hormonal

Hormonal imbalances such as menstrual cycle irregularity, PCOS, Endometriosis and birth control can all contribute. Stress, both on a physical and emotional level can also have a huge impact on your hormonal health, remembering to incorporate mindfulness, meditation, a healthy sleep routine and restorative exercise are all wonderful ways to keep your hormones balanced. Acupuncture has been proven to assist the the re-balancing of hormonal issues, reducing stress and restoring sleep patterns.

Centre of the Chin:

= Small Intestine and Stomach

Food allergies, unhealthy food choices, dehydration, insufficient sleep and stress are all indicative of this area. Poor gut health or a compromised digestive system are also reflected on the chin.  The saying “you are what you eat” is very true in relation to the healthy appearance of skin, increasing vegetable and water consumption with have this area glowing in no time! If you already consume a healthy diet and are confused as to why you may still be getting break outs, the introduction of a probiotic and fermented foods such as Kombucha can assist your digestive system and it’s ability to absorb nutrients properly

If skin issues are getting you down we are able to help. By treating the root cause of the imbalance we can have you feeling looking and feeling happy and healthy from the inside out!

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