Caesarian and Formula Fed Babies – Promises for Healthy Immunity

A new born baby is the most precious thing in life. And the development of a healthy immune system is what every parent wants for their newborn baby. Science is now putting a lot of energy into understanding the role of bacteria’s and how they affect our immune function.

When a baby is born through the vaginal birth cannel, they are exposed to an array of beneficial bacteria that sadly a caesarian born baby is unexposed to. Amazing research has shown, if a cesarean born baby is given specific probiotics in the first 72 hours of birth, they can actually go on to develop an as healthy microbiome (bacteria’s) as a vaginally born baby.

We also now know that formula fed babies have a different composition of bacteria’s in their bodies compared to breast fed babies. Furthermore, It has been suggested that this array of beneficial bacteria is associated with babies being able to influence the development of the healthy immune system.

Research has shown that a healthy immune system could be also linked to the prebiotics found in breast milk. Prebiotics feed the probiotics. Again, prebiotics support and feed the beneficial bacteria, which help the immune system advance.

Research shows that a blend of specific pre and pro biotics given in the first year of life to a formula fed baby, can have a similar impact on the influence and development of the immune system as a breastfed baby. What a fantastic fact to know for a mother who wanted to breastfed, but sadly could not.

Of course, I always recommend attempting vaginal birth, and to breastfeed for as long as possible as we can never replace the benefits. However, if you have had a C-section of difficulties breastfeeding, contact us to get the beneficial bacteria support your baby needs.

Written by Sandi Ross, acupuncturist, naturopath and nutritionist at Life Synergy.

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