Bianca’s Naturopathic Method

Bianca’s Naturopathic Method | Life Synergy

Your first consultation with Life Synergy’s Integrative Nutritionist & Naturopath – Bianca Richardson, focuses on children’s, men’s and women’s overall health. Bianca zooms in on identifying the primary cause of dis-ease with an evidence-based approach to all health care for all ages.

Have you received a diagnosis of a condition with a prescription, but don’t understand how it was created?

Would you like to heal your body?

Bianca’s Naturopathic Method

Naturopathic nutrition can help you to reverse chronic health conditions, remember a diagnosis is not a destiny. When we treat the body holistically, we enable our innate ability to heal on its own.

Bianca also sees healthy individuals looking to maintain wellness throughout life now and forever. The importance of a healthy lifestyle is prevention maintaining a state of wellness. Instead of implementing treatments after conditions manifest. What you will experience at your Initial naturopathic nutritional consultation – depth individual analysis of health present and history (allow over an hour).

We believe each patient is unique, so we offer a personalised comprehensive examination of general health. Focusing aspects such as: diet, sleep, energy, hormones, digestive, lifestyle, overall physical/mental/emotional wellness. This will give Bianca a greater understanding of any causes that could be triggering an imbalance:

-functional pathology testing

-live blood viewing counselling



-herbal medicine


-dietary assessment

-lifestyle factors

-blood testing

Your follow-up naturopathic nutritional consultation is usually scheduled 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. 45 minutes duration for up to 6 months or as required individually assessed. As a wellness client (just as we get our car services), these appointments are every 4 to 6 months.

Biomedical Prescribing

Bianca ideally prefers to guide the body to heal with foods and lifestyle advice. However, when nutritional imbalances or toxicity like inflammation, a more personalised prescription of scientifically researched herbal tinctures or nutritional supplements may be required for short duration’s. Diagnostic functional tests may be required too. Some of these will be conducted in our clinic or in the privacy of your own home.

If you want to look and feel your best, contact Bianca at Life Synergy today on (07) 5520 2147.

Written by Bianca Richardson – Naturopath/Nutritionist at Life Synergy

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