Become your ideal wellness weight

At Life Synergy we focus on you nurturing your body, feeding your brain nourishment not your stomach. Losing fat is not just about being able to fit into last winter’s jeans; it’s about achieving your ideal weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Being your ideal weight helps you to: – Feel great – Improve your cardiovascular health, – Improve your energy and vitality, longevity – Improve your sleep patterns – Improve your outlook on life!

Research has shown that if overweight Australians lost as little as 5 kgs each there would be 81,400 less deaths in Australia from heart disease over the next 20 years! When people usually try to lose weight by going on a diet or exercising, they usually lose a lot muscle, fluid and their structural or normal fat first because it is nearly impossible for the body to access and use the stored abnormal fat. The human body has a few different types of fat, structural fat that cushions our organs, normal fat is the padding on our hands and feet etc, abnormal fats is the extra fat on our bodies eg bellies, back fat or love handles.

The hypothalamus gland controls hunger, temperature, thirst, and fatigue. The hypothalamus is responsible for metabolic processes in the body. So often you need to stimulate the hypothalamus and balance hormones to help with abnormal fat loss. The aim of natural weight loss is to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass with foods high in protein.

Mindful Eating is also essential – you must be in control of food and not allow food to control you.

Life Synergy offers a Clinically trialed supportive, nutritional program designed to enable effective fat loss while maintaining energy & improving overall health with fat loss of 2kg to 20kg. We incorporate Acupuncture treatments also to help stimulate and to balance the body and mind.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to weight gain. So we offer assessment based on your lifestyle, time frame and clinical testing: – Vitamin & Mineral levels – Hormones – Toxicity: ensuring your bodies filters are eliminating efficiently – Ph. levels: if the body is too acidic will increase inflammation – Type of digestion – Food intolerances & allergies – Cortisol levels: stress levels – Genetic testing

We will also support, encourage and motivate you on your progress each week to receive feedback, adjust your program if required, and discuss any issues until you have achieved your ideal weight.

The Team at Life Synergy look forward help you achieve your Ideal Weight. If you are ready to begin your wellness weight loss journey in a supportive & motivating environment contact us today.

Written by Bianca Richardson, Naturopath at Life Synergy.

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