Are you zinc deficient?

75% of the Australian population are zinc deficient!

Would you like to know what your zinc levels are?

We can test your levels at Life Synergy with a simple ten second taste test.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals is a cofactor for approximately 300 enzymes in the body. Knowing your zinc levels is highly beneficial for your health.

Zinc is an essential nutrient, meaning that it is not organically manufactured within the body and therefore needs to be consumed in the form of food or supplement. The recommended daily intake of zinc is between 10-30mg per day. This may increase in certain health conditions and diets.

The highest amounts of zinc are found in red meat and shellfish. So Vegans and Vegetarians need to be aware of maintaining their zinc levels. Another issue most vegetarians consume a lot of whole grains and plant proteins which are high in phytic acids. These acids can interfere with zinc absorption therefore Vegan or Vegetarians may require up to 50% more zinc.

Other Zinc deficiencies signs & symptoms –

Stress, anxiety – cortisol imbalances Skin disorders like acne, eczema, hives, rashes Poor wound healing Low immunity Inflammation Infertility & Pregnancy Low libido Poor sperm production Loss of Taste & Smell Important for hair, skin and nails Impaired growth & sexual development Hyperactivity Irritable Bowel Syndrome Vision Degeneration Iron non-responsive anemia Eating disorders Impaired vision Blood clotting Also especially in children if they are eating dirt is called Pica Typically, assessing zinc status effectively can be difficult, as most of the body’s zinc stores are in the bones. Hair analysis or blood serum all require costly and timely laboratory work.

Our clinic can test your Zinc levels today for any age including children plus provide you with immediate accurate results.

Liquid Zinc Taste Test — Assessing for Zinc Deficiency

Place 10 mL of liquid zinc in your mouth. Hold the liquid zinc in your mouth for ten Now note how the liquid zinc tastes in your mouth. Good Level — If the zinc tastes bad, has a metallic or furry taste Adequate Level — if there is a strong taste that is not unpleasant and a little metallic with perhaps an intensification as time passes, then you have adequate levels Poor Level —Little taste at first but after 10 seconds you have a slight taste developing Extremely Low Level — If you have no taste sensation at all — the liquid tastes like water will indicate you have an extremely low level of zinc. For zinc testing and other nutritional testing to help you achieve optimal health please contact us

Written by Bianca Richardson, Naturopath

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