Acidic or Alkaline: What is your bodies ph level?


Your body’s pH value tells you how acidic or alkaline your body is.

Just like a swimming pool our ph needs to be just right for everything to flow in our body optimally.

The term pH stands for “Potential Hydrogen”:

The normal pH of all humans should be slightly more alkaline (except the stomach).  Ideally the human body’s ph should be around a 7.

When the body’s ph is too low for too long acidity can have an overall effect on our health I believe more then we realise. Acidity will contribute to an inflammatory body which can lead to things like weight gain, fatigue, sore muscles plus many other imbalances in the body.

There are many processes in the body that regulate our body’s pH balance or we should say our acid/alkaline balance.

Some of the most important are some of our alkalizing minerals Magnesium, Potassium  and Calcium levels in the body.

A high acidic diet containing processed refined foods, sugars, alcohol and caffeine can contribute to leeching calcium out of the bones and over time puts the body into a highly acid state.

Other causes of over acidity can be stress, to much physical exercise, diabetes and medications.

To help nourish your body we need 80 per cent of the food we consume to be alkaline forming and the other 20 per cent is healthy acidic foods.

Also not all acidic foods are acid-forming in your body. Like lemons, for example, is an acidic fruit. However, when consumed it is alkaline forming in your body, because it is loaded with calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Next time your about to have your morning coffee try substituting with a lemon in water or even a green smoothie to help alkalise your body. At Life Synergy our team can test your ph with a simple test as well as guide you to maintain a slightly more alkalising state, which has been proven to reduce inflammation and disease.

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Article by Bianca Richardson

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