Evelyn Bowes

Reiki Master

Yoga and Meditation

Buddhist Psychotherapy


Evelyn (Evie) trained as a Reiki Master over fifteen years ago.  She has been fortunate enough to be a part of a short lineage between herself and Dr Usui, Reiki’s founder.  Her experience of Reiki Healing inspired her passion for complementary therapy as she completed two year courses in both Crystal and Angel Healing in the UK through ACHO. 


She also trained as a Child Psychotherapist and completed a Masters in Gender Studies and Religion with a special interest in Buddhism.  She incorporates the healing power of Reiki and Crystals, Buddhist philosophy, the Eight Limbs of Yoga and her training as a Psychotherapist to ensure you receive a safe and sacred experience.  Evie is passionate about helping her clients achieve personal transformation and self-  healing.  

Evie is originally from the Bahamas but has lived throughout the world including Costa Rica and the UK.  She is grateful to settle on these beautiful shores with her young family where she endeavours to serve her community towards healthy wellbeing.  Evie has a special interest in fertility, having experienced a spectrum of fertility interventions herself.    

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MA (Hons) Child Psychotherapy

MA(Hons) Gender Studies and Religion

Reiki Master

Crystal Healing Therapist

Angel Healing Therapist

Yoga Teacher


United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists, Australian Counselling Association

International Association of Crystal Healing Therapists

Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations



Fertility issues, women’s fertility circles, mental health, relaxation, spiritual alignment


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