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Three steps to Healthy Digestion!

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Research now shows that a healthy digestive tract, influences far more than just our digestion. Digestion is responsible for breaking down our vital nutrients that provide us with fuel, healthy hormones, restful sleep, healthy emotions and much more.

We produce the same hormones in our brain as we do in our gut. So if our digestive function is underperforming, there is no doubt your brain health and moods will also be poor.

Here is 3 simple steps you can take, to start improving your digestive function now!

  1. Eat Mindfully:

Studies have shown, when we connect with our food, feel gratitude and take our time to eat, we utilise almost 60% more of our vital nutrition from the food we eat.
Take your time by smelling, tasting and chewing your food. Giving gratitude also helps to secrete happy hormones and help you to further digest your meal more!

2. Time to Eat:

Try your best not to eat food in a rush food, skip meals or eat in the car. Most of us can admit to doing one or all of these. Although common, it is a very unhealthy habit to fall into. When eating rushed, we don’t have as much blood going to our digestive organs as we would if we ate nice and slow. Taking belly breaths before eating helps to bring blood to digestion. Eating at the same time daily and not skipping meals, also teaches our body when to be making digestive juices.

3. Whole foods:

If your diet is loaded with refined grains, sugars, a lack of vegetables and lots of meat, your digestion will be struggling to maintain a healthy micro biome (healthy bacteria). We now know, the impact of the micro biome on our overall health is massive and what you eat will decide if its healthy or unhealthy. So choose fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, broth, marrow and slow cook your meats. And remember to chew your food and take the time to eat.


Implementing these 3 simple habits will automatically improve your digestive health which as a result will leave you feeling more energised and much healthier!


Written by Sandi Ross, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist at Life Synergy.

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