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Breech Babies

Breech Babies

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Breech Babies

Throughout pregnancy, babies kick, stretch and tumble around however, before labour begins they usually settle into a position which allows them to be delivered head down through the birth canal. The uterus is designed to have to have the baby in a vertical position in the late half of pregnancy. The babies head is heavy enough for gravity to draw the head downward. For some babies is not the case and can be in the following positions:

  • facing upward
  • buttocks first66
  • feet first
  • lying sideways

What causes babies to breech?

There is no one reason that causes babies to breech. In some instances muscles or ligaments in the mother can be tight or the body can be out of alignment or even asymmetrical. None of these are a woman’s fault and could be caused by:
  • crossing your legs
  • pressing on the accelerator in the car
  • sports injuries
  • carrying a toddler on the hip

All of these above reasons can twist the pelvis and as a result twist the uterus which can result in an asymmetrical alignment which can subsequently breech babies.

How can Life Synergy help you?

At Life Synergy, our practitioners have had great success in turning breached babies using a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion. Treatment is recommended at 32 weeks to allow room for the baby to turn during this time. If however, treatment is conducted post 34 weeks, treatment can still be successful. Acupuncture treatments along with moxibustion encourages the baby to turn to a head down position ready for childbirth.

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